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NeuroLink is now a part of Accurate Neuromonitoring, one of the largest Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (IONM) providers in the US. Learn More >

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Our monitoring protects you
Your body has its own electrical system. This electrical system is a combination of specific neuropathways (neuroaxis) each with its own distinct neurological responses. During many types of surgeries, the surgeon may be repairing or coming near your nerves. We monitor your neurological responses while you are in surgery, and this information is transmitted to a physician who will interpret it. Our surgical Neurophysioligists will immediately communicate to the surgeon if there are any changes in your responses. This real-time feedback gives the surgeon vital information to take corrective steps and achieve the best possible outcome for your surgery.

Cutting-edge technology
Neurolink Monitoring knows you want the best technology for your procedure. We work with cutting-edge computer software and equipment manufacturers to ensure you and your surgeon have the most advanced, state-of-the-art neuromonitoring system on the market.

Patient care
Neurolink Monitoring is dedicated to providing you experienced and caring staff members to make your surgery safer and more comfortable. Our board-certified or board-eligible surgical neurophysiologists will meet with you before your procedure. They will take a brief history before you go into the operating room and answer any questions you may have. Our surgical neurophysiologists will then place a series of electrodes at several points that correspond with your nerve pathways. Some electrodes will have small needles which will be attached in the operating room after you are asleep. All the electrodes are later removed at the conclusion of your surgery.

Financial matters
Neurolink Monitoring services are covered by most insurance plans. Of course, each insurance policy is unique to each patient. You should always check with your insurance company for more information. Neurolink Monitoring does provide services regardless of a patient's personal ability to pay. If you have any questions or concerns, our billing specialist is available to answer them at 678-502-1641.



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